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EPOA Publications

Notification of any event is made by flyers or in the monthly publication called The CANYON NEWS or the annual issue of TECOLOTE TATTLER, which are both published by EPOA, as well as by posters on the Bulletin Board and e-mail. The annual Summer TECOLOTE TATTLER accepts commercial display advertising from EPOA members only. Both it and the monthly TECOLOTE HI-LITES run a paid Business Service Directory. In addition to advertising revenue, EPOA receives payment from EMID for delivery of EMID’s own newsletter, the EMID EDITION. Both the HI-LITES and TATTLER print free ads for Canyon youngsters under 18 offering services such as babysitting, pet or plant care, etc. or residents wishing to buy and sell personal items.  EPOA also publishes the RESIDENT ROSTER and an ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY each year. The more detailed ASSOCIATION DIRECTORY lists residents’ employment, children, pets and e-mail addresses.  All this information is voluntarily submitted by residents.  Both of these publications are for the PERSONAL, NON COMMERCIAL USE of EPOA members.


EMID originally purchased enough copies of the well written and illustrated booklet entitled “A History of Tecolote Canyon” by former resident Norma Jean Roden for each lot owner and resident. However that supply is exhausted. EPOA has reprinted the original 1977 version; copies are available for $7.50.   To purchase one, you may use an EPOA membership form or call Ronni Allen, 968-4999.


EPOA printed a cookbook “La Cocina del Tecolote” (the Owl’s Kitchen) in 1987, and has created a new one “Tecolote Canyon Cookbook, in 2009. To purchase a copy, please contact Ronni Allen, 968-4999.