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EPOA Meetings and Events

Meetings are normally on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 pm.  The residents of the Canyon are invited to attend the meetings and offer input when the various social events of the year are being planned. For each event, the Board selects a chairperson who solicits a committee from a roster of volunteers who indicated interest on their annual membership form. The board helps as needed to insure the success of each event.  EPOA pays for the children’s events (for Canyon resident children) and educational programs such as the EMID Candidates Forum and Town Meetings.  A nominal fee is charged for most other events to cover some of the expense, while EPOA subsidizes the rest of the expense. Often attendees will bring food to share. We would like to encourage all Canyon residents’ participation in EPOA’s events; your presence and dues help us maintain the special neighborhood feel of our Canyon.
The schedule of annual EPOA events is as follows:

         Summer     Fourth of July Picnic

                                 Children’s Swim Party

          Fall            Family Barbecue Children’s Fall Party

          Winter       Holiday Event(s) – tba

          Spring      Children’s Spring Event

                           Community Garage Sale Progressive Dinner

Every effort is made to work within a budget adopted at the initial meeting of each fiscal year.